Bungee Jumping at Nami Island

It has long been a dream of mine to go bungee jumping, but it had always seemed pretty expensive for something that lasts only a few seconds. Therefore when a Korean friend of mine called Yong mentioned she wanted to go bungee jumping for her birthday, that she had nobody to do it with and that it would only cost 30000 Won ($30), I agreed to it pretty quickly. I'm guessing the fact that I was drinking soju and beer helped me agree so quickly but once I had agreed there was no going back.

Therefore on Saturday morning we set off to Nami Island for the jump and it seemed we were both pretty nervous for the bus journey there. I think it helped having someone else there though because we just chatted and I didn't really think about the impending craziness. After about one hour of travel we arrived at the site for the bungee jump and it has been situated strategically at the point where you have to wait for the ferry to Nami Island. I guess its a smart move because some people will be bored standing in the queue for the ferry and just decide to spontaneously make the decision to jump while they are waiting. 

Upon arriving at the site I watched one person jump before heading up and getting the instructions on what to do. Unfortunately the guys there didn't speak much English, but with a mixture of charades and Yong translating the most important bits of information, I felt as confident as I could do in the situation that I knew what to do. Next we got on our safety equipment and then took the elevator up to the platform. 

Upon reaching the platform I chose to ignore the advice beforehand of not checking out how high it looked from the top and was well aware about just how far down it was, but I was fairly curious and figured I should check it out. Strangely my fear had disappeared as soon as I arrived at the jump site and I was feeling strangely calm and peaceful.
Before going up to the platform we had all been weighed and then had our weight put on our hands. 
I was weighing in at 77kg, so was put in the fat line, while Yong was in the skinny line. The advantage of eating the extra pies and beer was that you didn't have to wait as long and after 5 minutes of waiting at the top and watching a couple of people doing it I was summoned for my jump. I was slightly surprised that the jump used a harness rather than tying the cord to the ankles, but apparently this is more normal now because of increased  safety. Once the harness was attached they gave a quick countdown 5,4,3,2,1 and bungee. The moment I heard bungee, I jumped without hesitation and I can remember 4 distinct phases.

Phase 1: This was the feeling of flying, you have your arms out in front of you and feel like you are going horizontally rather dropping.
Phase 2: At this point gravity had taken over and I was dropping like a stone towards the ground, the speed was incredible and this was the most enjoyable phase.
Phase 3: When you have almost reached the bottom, you have to put your hands in front of your face so the cord doesn't hit you in the face. At this point you think its all over but its surprising just how high you bounce back up
Phase 4: This is the relief phase even though the speed is still quite high, you realize you have just achieved something fairly special. Once you have finally stopped bouncing up and down, you just lowered down into a little canoe type thing, then get untied and taken to the shore. 

After the jump the adrenaline is still flowing and you can't help but feel happy and I decided to go and get my camera to film Yong doing her jump. Unfortunately for some reason I can't upload the video to my blog, but here is a video of somebody doing exactly the same jump so you can see what it is like. The height of the jump is around 55 metres.

The advantage of doing the bungee jump there, is that once you have finished you can visit Nami Island which is a beautiful island and is very famous because the Korean drama called Winter Sonata is filmed there. As a result there are a huge number of Japanese and Korean tourists that come to get 'romantic' looking photos with their partners. It cost 8000 Won for entry to the island and for a ferry that takes literally 5 minutes. Luckily the weather has improved a lot now that it is March and it was starting to feel like spring. I wondered around the island with Yong and it was a fairly chilled out afternoon, complete with dak galbi (chicken bbq) and chocolate ice cream. Here are a few photos that Yong took during the afternoon.

Overall I would highly recommend the trip to Nami Island and it is a great day trip from Seoul 
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